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Chanyeol and Kyungsoo serenading each other

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chanyeol trying to show kyungsoo something funny

chansoo locking eyes for a split second


credit : I D.O.

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Title: Doyeol (yes it’s top!soo)

Pairing: chanyeol x kyungsoo a.k.a 도열

Fanart by 고뿡 (x)

Translation and typesetting by soouffle

Permission to translate and upload was given by the artist.

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  • No translation from English to another language may be made without consent from the original artist and me. 
  • I’m sorry for any mistakes, please let me know if you catch any.

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— Anónimo: I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! :) May I ask why of all the members, you chose each other? ;)



chanyeol: but really, he makes my day a little lighter and brighter! you could call him my ray of sunshine~~

kyungsoo: /blushing/

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jongin’s ballerina spin 

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