This is a list of my favorite Exo fics so far. I’ll be updating this regularly. (Listed by pairing).


- Finding Heaven (Sehan).

- and then the tables were turned (Sehan).

Finding Neverland (Sehan).

No More Cologne On You (Sehan).

Good Intentions, Or Something Like That (Sehan).

The Last Magician Of The Century (Sehan).

paper thin (Sehan, Sekai, One-sided Lukai).

cinnamon (Sehan).

that’s a fuckton of sugar (Sehan).

homesickness (Sehan).

i got you (Sehan).

phosphenes, sleepy eyes, strawberry red (Sehan).

deference (Sehan).

chiaroscuro (Sehan).

france  (Sehan).

kiss ✦ (Sehan, Luhan-centric).

Across the Planet (Sehan).

17 Paces (Sehan).

Magic (Sehan).

1-2-step (Sehan).

private tutor (Sehan).

Reasons why Lu Han is perfect (Sehan).

play, stop, rewind (Sehan).

edge of the world (Sehan).

What you don’t want (Sehan).

Sugar we’re goin’ down swinging (Sehan).

Count To Five And Promise Me (Sehan).

- hymn of the pyreflies (Sehan, One sided Lukai).

• Baekyeol

Absolute Chanyeol (Baekyeol).

Close Your Eyes One Last Time (Baekyeol).

I’m Yours (Baekyeol).

Hey Soul Sister (Baekyeol).

aloha, aloha (Baekyeol).

make a day feel like a minute (Baekyeol).

stationary sidewalks (Baekyeol, Baitao).

Sex-ed (Baekyeol).

knocking on hidden doors (Baekyeol).

a former “most love only lasts for a while” (Baekyeol).

and there the grass grows soft and white (Baekyeol, Sekai).

Heartstrings and Piano Keys (Baekyeol).

- click-track heart (Baekyeol).

- firestorms, and the rate of consumption (Baekyeol).

- infrared (Baekyeol).

- akaanee @ lj across the rubicon au - across the rubicon (Baekyeol) - accidentally on purpose - collateral damage.

- Exit Strategies (Baekyeol).

- first meeting (Baekyeol).

- Say Something (Baekyeol).

• Taoris.

The Dragon Consort (Taoris).

Untitled (Taoris).

Cranes (Taoris).

morning and night ☂ (Mainly Tao-centric, Taoris, Baekyeol, Sehan).

A Pirate’s Life For Me (Taoris).

10,000 years with love (Taoris).

• Kaisoo.

bean sprout (Kaisoo).

thighs (Kaisoo).

• OT3.

- Something, anything, everything (Taorisyeol, Baekyeol)

Bibimbap For Two (Krisyeol).

EXO Random Drabbles #2 (Krisyeol, Kailu, Sudo, Taoris).

EXO Random Drabbles #1 (Krisyeol, slight Kailu, Suho-centric, Chen shipping Baekhun, lol). 

Orange Light (Taorishan, mentions of Xingtao and Sehan).

centre of gravity (Baekyeolsoo).

- Skeptics and True Believers (Baekyeolsoo).

• OT6.

- bathroom escapade (Exo-M, OT6).

• OT12.

The End And The Beginning (OT12, minor pairings).

• Sudo/Susoo/Junsoo/Kyungmyeon/etc, etc lol.

Mr. Responsible (Sudo).

• Sukai.

- Strawberry Love (Sukai, Sehan).

• Baekhun.

- STD Bakery (Baekhun, Lukai, Sudo, Krisyeol).

• Member-centric.

- The Five Times Tao Almost Killed His Roommates (Tao-centric).

three random drabbles (Wuchen, Jongdae-centric, Xingchen).

apples and oranges (Jongdae, Chen-centric).

Migratory Patterns (Luhan-centric).

• Taolu.

- Untitled (?) (Taolu).

• Baektao/Baitao.

white peach ♧ (Baektao).

• Various pairings (Pure epicness).

- 5 reasons why EXO never debuted (still) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Various pairings).

- kiwi-ism @ lj superpower!au - angel of mine (Krisyeol) - the house on the outskirts (Chenmin) - the healer (Wuxing, Broken!Krisyeol - teacher’s pet (Sehan) - untouchable (Baekyeol) - kicked to the curb (Sukaisoo) - first time (Sukaisoo) - instincts (Baekyeol) - control (Baekyeol).

- Zodiac (Various pairings) [You can find the other chapters in her journal].

• Chansoo.

the case of the giraffe socks (Chansoo).

- endlessy; it’s not a miracle you need (Chansoo).

• Baeksoo.

- Finding Confidence (Baeksoo).

- the most beautiful (Baeksoo).

• Xiuris. 

- Beautiful Stranger (Xuiris, Sehan, Baekyeol, Sudo). Prologue [The other chapters are in her journal].

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